Tired of kicking my horse (or why Mustangs suck) – Gearhead Phase pt. II

June 7, 2006

So, there I was with a 10 year old Mustang ‘vert as a daily driver…

At that point, I remembered the hard way all of the things I’ve hated about Mustangs over the years (and I’ve owned a few) — if they’re not brand new (I’ve never had a new one – maybe they’re better), they break on a pretty regular basis (or they do the way I drive them), they have a rear suspension that was pretty much state of the art for Roman Empire ox carts, and thus they handle like crap, and ride slightly worse.

They also make rotten grocery getters — even worse if they’re a ‘vert with a trunk full of audio equipment.

The bottom line is that about the truest thing ever said about a Mustang is that “The nice thing is that whatever mods you do to it have got to be an improvement.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mustangs and have owned more than a few.

I just occasionally get to not liking them much, and being a slow learner, when I get over that I often go and buy another.

After awhile I finally managed to acquire a more reasonable daily driver, a 2002 Lincoln LS (V8). I drove the Mustang once in a blue moon, but usually just walked past it and glared at it.

So, early this spring, somebody came to the door and offered to buy the ‘vert.

Of course, he wanted to buy it for two wooden nickels and a cheese sandwich, but it got me looking at prices, and thinking that while I was tired of Mustangs at the moment, a nice little toy ‘vert was still an appealing idea.

So, I spent a little time and money getting the ‘vert together, and kind of idly started shopping around for roadsters…

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One Response to “Tired of kicking my horse (or why Mustangs suck) – Gearhead Phase pt. II”

  1. nath on March 17th, 2011 9:14 pm

    are you tired or your bored on mustangs
    nath´s last blog post ..Flemington and Warwick Farm Review- horses to follow

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