Tivo Desktop 2.1 First Look

May 6, 2005

The 2.1 version of the Tivo Desktop is now out, and Engadget has a First Look posted.

There’s a bit of good news for Windows media types…

TiVo is actually selling themselves short by emphasizing its support for Microsoft’s Portable Media Center. The integration with Windows Media Player 10 provides for the conversion of TiVo files to WMV, which means you can play the file on ANY portable device running Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, including Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Plus a bit of bad news for everyone else — a lot of other popular transcoders no longer can open Tivo Desktop files, although this appears to be easy to defeat.

Of course, it’ll be a long time before there will ever be a Mac version, and before DirecTivo users will ever get any use out of this — Tivo may well run out of legs before either of those things happen…

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