“Transitional Fair Use”

December 1, 2004

Is it just me, or is everyone else getting sick of various new terms to thinly disguise an ever increasing loss of rights?

AllYourTV has a report on “Transitional Fair Use”.  This appears to be another way to make sure your fancy new DVR doesn’t have the basic utility that a Betamax once had.

“Viewers would be able to record an episode with their DVR, but there would be a time limit on how long it would be available for viewing. The executive was pushing for an expiration date that coincided with the premiere of the next episode. The consensus of the cable executived was that it needed to be between 2-4 weeks.”

One week, or 2 – 4 weeks, this just sucks.  I routinely let stuff accumulate longer than that.  I nearly gave up on West Wing this season, and had five episodes queued up before I decided I’d go a little further with them (the Camp David heart attack thing annoyed me.), and I’m glad I did.  Hell, I’ve still got a Frontline from back in May sitting there…

What’s worse, Tivo seems to be going out of their way to knuckle under to this kind of crap from the content producers, so we can probably assume that our equipment will be “enabled” (more like “disabled”) to enforce this at some point.


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