Treo 650 Battery Drain Follow-Up

July 4, 2005

There still appears to be no fix in site for the massive battery drain problem on Treo 650 with 1.12 firmware that a lot of people (including me) have been experiencing.

In the meantime, though, here’s something that has kinda-sorta helped for me…

The problem appears to be once a network connection is being made, under some circumstances some 1.12 Treos never seem to disconnect on their own.

In my case, once I fired up Chatter, you could almost watch the battery drain before your eyes.

As a result, I’m now only running Chatter “on-demand”. I’ve got it bound to a hardware button, and when I press the button it launches, connects, and grabs mail. When I’m done checking mail, I tell Chatter to disconnect and shut down, and I don’t have the battery drain.

Note that this certainly wouldn’t appear to be Chatter’s fault, as this problem wasn’t happening prior to 1.12, and other users running other network-aware applications are seeing the same thing. I just see it in Chatter since it’s my Treo e-mail client of choice.

Obviously, this sucks as far as a solution goes, as it means you have to manually check mail instead of getting (Blackberry-like) push mail from a mail server that supports IMAP Idle.

It just sucks less than not being able to be off the charger for a few hours without running out of battery…

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