Treo 650 Windows Media with DRM – Yahoo Music on your Treo

July 20, 2005

PocketTunes TreoNow you can get one of those “all-you-can-eat” music download plans from Yahoo, Napster or Rhapsody, and listen to your tunes on your Treo 650 (or other Palm device).

Normsoft is now out with PocketTunes 3.1 Deluxe, which supports Windows Media 10’s “Janus” DRM format, letting you listen to as much DRM’d music as you care to give up storage space for.

For Treo 650 users, PocketTunes was already popular as a way to get codecs on the device to allow you to use MP3s and other compressed audio files as ringtones. No word yet as to whether you’ll be able to set a DRM’d download as a ringtone, but it’s probably worth a try.

(via AllAboutPalm)

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