TV Time Shifter “Reviews”

June 19, 2005

PC World says “Digital video recorders gained fame with TiVo. New competitors range from rented boxes to Media Center PCs–and our TV addict tried them all.”


Actually, he tried a couple of them, and not very hard from the looks of it.

The lineup includes a DirecTivo, a Tivo Series 2, two cable provider PVRs, a Dell-based MCE 2005 system. A paragraph or two of commentary was included for each.

He also sat through a demo of Slingbox, a network connected PVR and talked about Orb.

The upshot was that the DirecTivo and cable PVRs just worked, the Tivo Series 2 was easy to set up, and he had trouble making the MCE talk to his cable provider.

Not surprisingly, the unit he liked best was his DirecTivo, which he was already familiar with.

It’s hard to tell just what the point of this article was. I remember when PC World used to actually do product reviews, but apparently those days are long gone.

(via PVRWire)

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