TV’s Geekier Chefs..

December 4, 2004

By some sort of eerie geek cooking synchronicity, it turns out Salon has an article up singing the praises of TV’s Geek Chefs. (warning, as usual for Salon, this is hip-deep in Flash ads)

The author has kind words for both Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” (Food TV) and bow-tie bedecked Christopher Kimball’s “American Test Kitchen” (PBS), as well as ATK’s parent magazine, Cooks Illustrated.

“Brown and Kimball seek neither novelty nor authenticity but rather aim for good food via a non-onerous recipe. If “Iron Chef” is fantasy and the pretty-chef shows are food porn, “America’s Test Kitchen” and “Good Eats” are science nonfiction. Instead of an elite arena for high priests, the kitchen, as they see it, is another lab. And they make for excellent lab partners.”

(found via Backup Brain, where I also agree with Tom that both Rachael Ray (Food TV’s “30 Minute Meals”) and Giada De Laurentiis (Food TV’s “Everyday Italian”) are decidely worth checking out watching… )


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