Ultimate XP Automation

February 24, 2005

In a related note, MSFN has a tutorial on how to build an Unattended Windows Install CD.

You can preload it with all of your information, push a button, walk away, and come back and have Windows installed—even with your applications and customizations.

Is this the next step in anti-malware tools?  Just pull the flush handle and let Window’s bowl get emptied and refilled?

Actually, all this REALLY needs is two more steps—one to plug itself into the net and get itself hopelessly corrupted again, and another to get frustrated with it and press the reinstall button.

If I could get that, I could just unplug the monitor, slide in the CD, and watch it cycle while I use my PowerBook…

This could even lead to a whole new school of benchmarking for Windows hardware… We could rate new systems by how long it took from reinstall to reinstall…


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