UNeed X15E HTPC Case Review

May 6, 2005

Home Theater PC News has a great review up of the UNeed X15E case — if you’re looking for the $600 HTPC case from hell, this may be just the ticket.

The main claim to fame is a built-in 7″ 800 x 480 (there’s an odd number) LCD screen that you can use as a second monitor for your HTPC.

This is by no means an average case and can house just about anything you wish to put in it. Even when loaded out with a high end graphics card and every slot full, all while running at low noise levels this case didn’t turn in to a heater for my family room. Heat is one issue that really tends to plague most cases but thanks to the cases ventilation, 80mm exhaust port and light aluminum panels this was not a concern. I can see all high end system builders lining up already to get a hold of these cases and use them in home automation systems, and high end home theater gear.

(via Addicted to Digital Media)

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