What’s on YOUR Firefox?

July 8, 2004

Wired currently has an article on nifty Firefox extensions. Unfortunately, they
seem to have missed a whole lot of good ones.

What’s on YOUR Firefox? What extensions do you like?

Here are my current favorites:

  • Web Developer — A whole toolkit for web developers to examine the page elements and environment of the current page
  • Adblock — Industrial strength ad blocking.
  • GoogleBar — A work-alike for the IE GoogleBar — Firefox already has search, but this adds the other features.
  • Open Book — Opens the bookmark tree when you add a bookmark
  • Undo Close Tab — If you accidentally close a tab, this will re-open it for you
  • Bloglines Toolkit — Utilities for integrating Bloglines into Firefox
  • DictionarySearch — Right click menu item to look up the selected word in your choice of dictionaries (in a new tab)
  • Focus Last Selected Tab — When you close a tab, go back to the previously selected one. Handy with the above (lookup word, close tab, you’re right back where you were)
  • Clone Window — Clone current tab (with history) to new tab
  • Bookmark Backup — Backs up your bookmark file when you close the browser (handy for sync’ing multiple machines)
  • TinyUrl Creator — Generates a TinyURL for the current page, and puts it in the Copy buffer ready to paste
  • Linky — Open every link on current page (or in current selection) in new tabs or windows
  • Super DragAndGo — Click and drag a link onto whitespace, it opens in a new tab


If you’re running Firefox 0.91 or earlier on Windows, you need to go here now and install the extension you find. This is a late-breaking vulnerability just found in Mozilla/Firefox. So far no exploits are reported for it, but it probably won’t be long. Do it now.

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One Response to “What’s on YOUR Firefox?”

  1. Anna on July 9th, 2004 8:02 am

    Thanks, Chuck. These are useful extensions for me – particularly Web Developer. Dictionary Search, Clone Window and Linky are likewise indispensable already.  I already ran the update extension, too – thanks again!

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