When is a blog a blog?

January 19, 2005

One of the frequently heard objections to adding a weblog to a small business website is that they don’t want their site to look like a blog.  Of course, my standard reply is that it doesn’t need to in order to have all of the same functionality.  This can work too well, however.

Last night I ran into a directory of business related weblogs, and went along happily submitting this site.  Today I got a rejection, along with a note from the directory owner that I had a nice looking site, but they only link blogs…

After chuckling a bit, I wrote him a reply thanking him for his consideration and, pointing out for whatever it’s worth, that this site is developed and maintained using a very common blogging package, and is indeed a blog with all of the usual functionality — it provides a commenting system, syndication feeds, pinging of the blog update sites, etc.

It’s just not intended to look like a run-of-the-mill blog — which would appear to be working nicely…

In any event, in case you have been wondering whether you really could use a blogging package to add a way to easily and frequently update your site without it looking like a blog, there’s another “yes” vote…

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