Windows MCE DVD Archiving How-To

May 31, 2005

The Nears have put together a step-by-step “zero click” method for archiving DVDs onto your Windows MCE 2005 system in such a fashion that they can be watched on your Media Center Extenders also. Best of all, it’s all done using shareware and freeware applications.

How would you like to be able to insert a DVD into your PC, have it recognize what movie was inserted, rip it down to WMV and tag it with title, plot, rating and all the extra goodies, then be able to watch it on your MCE, your MCE Extender, or your portable media center any time you want? Ya, me too.MainScreen

I’ve been searching for the perfect app for a long time, and as of my last attempt at ripping DVDs to play on the extender I had pretty much decided to give up. Too much effort and too much time. But the quest for a good way to rip DVDs goes on as my Disney movies continue on their path to destruction at the hands of my two-year old.

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