Windows Media Center Overview

June 16, 2005

Tom’s Hardware has just completed part two of a fairly comprehensive overview of Windows Media Center Edition 2005. If you’ve been wondering what all of the fuss is about, here’s your opportunity to take a walk-through of pretty much all of the major features of MCE.

Part One.
Part Two.

Overall, they come off fairly impressed with MCE:

Microsoft has a pretty good chance to make a place for itself in the living rooms of those users who can accept a PC as a reasonable facsimile of a home entertainment center. A strong argument in MCE’s favor is its easy setup and configuration. That’s because the operating system comes pre-installed, and the installation wizard makes life just that much easier. Equally convincing are MCE’s TV handling and friendly EPG.

On the other hand, it’s disappointing that MCSE doesn’t support editing of recorded TV programs or burning them as Video-DVDs – for those jobs, additional third-party software is required. The FM radio functions could also stand improvement, especially to remedy MCE’s inability to record radio programs.

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