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January 23, 2006

Well now, that didn’t take long… OpenOSX has ported their popular “WinTel/Bochs” x86 machine emulator to run natively on the new Intel-based Macs.

Experience full-compatibility with x86/Pentium® processors with disk images, CD-ROM support and much more on your Mac.

WinTel is our popular Cocoa graphical user interface used to control the included powerful underlying open-source “Bochs” x86 emulation software (Bochs is pronounced as Box). We now include both PowerPC and Intel optimized binaries.

We have successfully tested this version of WinTel/Bochs running Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows XP Professional in addition to the included ten ready-to-use operating systems (see below).

WinTel offers limited support for the following: a virtual Network Interface Card (NIC), “Sound Blaster” compatible card, USB, and 32-bit color SVGA Video.

A CD-ROM drive is supported and floppy disk support may be achieved by creating a disk image with Apple’s Disk Utility software. Use the Finder to transfer data between the emulator and the Mac OS X operating system.

The whole thing runs $25 ($30 if you want them to ship you a CD), and you’ll need to provide your own licensed copy of Windows (they include a number of x86 Linux and Unix distributions on the CD)

I’m sure this will only be the first among several similar solutions, but obviously it’s not going to be too hard to have Windows running in an OS X window on the new machines.

(via MacSlash)

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