Woke Up This Morning & Got a Mention in the NYT

April 11, 2007

Larry LoveAlabama 3, that is — AKA “A3” in the US, AKA “The UK’s best live band” AKA “The greatest band nobody’s ever heard of”.

Apparently the New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan managed to hear of them, and decided to talk a bit about them, in place of the last season of The Sopranos, the show that almost put them on the map in the US…

As Mr. Lucas explains: “So you know, although ‘The Sopranos’ is certainly one of my favorite programs, I can tell you that Alabama 3 got royally screwed by HBO/Chase & co. out of getting an ongoing weekly credit for their theme song on the program, which would have helped their currently no-profile career a great deal (I mean, their song really helped make that show … much as the Rembrandts’ tune ‘I’ll Be There for You’ helped make ‘Friends’ a hit — and the Rembrandts get a credit every time ‘Friends’ airs anywhere in the world).

If you’d like to find out (and listen to) a bit more, feel free to peruse the archives here, their official site, or (my personal favorite), FreeA3 – The Unofficial Alabama 3 Fan Forum, which manages to be haunted fairly frequently by not only some great music, but a few members of the band.

(Thanks to Harry for the heads up!)
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One Response to “Woke Up This Morning & Got a Mention in the NYT”

  1. rimone on April 16th, 2007 1:47 am

    YAY! moving right along, my ri-moaning: mostly has to do a commenter or two who think there are only two albums out (comment no. 5), and i’ll spare you from reading what you’ve already heard from us too many times.

    my personal fave A3/Alabama 3 site is your fave as well: the unofficial freea3 dot org 🙂

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