WordPress (commentary) another step backwards

November 28, 2005

Wow, this is fun… Over on “Geek News Central” they credit this little jewel from Dave (“not invented here”) Winer as justification for why all WordPress sites look the same:

“I noticed that WordPress doesn’t even give the user a way to edit their site template. This is a major step backward. Both Manila and Blogger gave this power to users, in 1999! Hello. Earth to developers. You’re not supposed to take features out.”


Did either of you ever look under the “Presentation | Theme Editor” tab?

This has been there for awhile — despite the fact that editing templates in on-page editors is about as painful as it gets, and most of us use real code editors to edit our templates.

Unless, of course, they’re both talking about, which (just out of beta) doesn’t allow template editing yet — in which case they’re just confused, instead of totally mistaken. aside, I’m getting to the point where I rather like the WordPress templating system. I’d certainly rather use it than either Movable Type or (shudder) Expression Engine’s templating system.

Then again, I’d also rather be dragged through carpet tacks and dipped in rubbing alcohol than use either of those, most days.

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