Yes Virginia, there is a FiOS

October 20, 2005

Well, maybe, anyway…

Three months after my original signup, and two months after my “no later than…” install date had come and gone, I received a flyer in the mail reading “FiOS is here.”

After looking around carefully (even under the couch), I determined that while FiOS had not actually crept in the door without me noticing it, maybe this meant they were actually serious about bringing it here this time, so I gave them a call.

This one was a little more reassuring than my last two were — first, the number actually went to a rep who knew what FiOS was, and was even prepared to sell it.

I received an install date and a confirmation number, and they even took billing information.

Now I’ve spent enough time over the years as a Verizon/GTE customer to know that this doesn’t exactly make it a “mortal lock”, but at least it’s more reassuring than “we’ll get to you within the next month” or the ever popular “we don’t actually offer service there.”

Installation of service (15 meg down, 2 meg up) is supposed to be next Friday (10/28).

I’ll keep you posted.

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