Yet another Apple PDA rumor

March 9, 2005

Welcome to the semi-annual second coming of the Newton…

O’Grady’s PowerPage is reporting that deep inside the bowels of Apple, a covert development team is hard at work ln a minier-than-though Mac…

“Sources who claim to have see one have commented that an internal planning spec details that the new machine runs a stripped-down flavour of Mac OS X. We’re told that it will finally utilize Apple’s Inkwell technology to “write anywhere” and neatly fold into your pocket – rather like an enlarged Motorola RAZR V3 mobile phone with a keyboard.”

So it’s like a Mac, a PDA, a Newton, and a Razr, just different.  Got it.  Check.

Nope, sorry… As much fun as it might be, I just have trouble seeing this as likely anytime in the near future…

(via Brighthand)


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