Yet another “Latest Photos” page…

August 9, 2004

There’s another latest photos posted on LiveJournal page up… We’ll see how long this one lasts.

I can’t explain why these things fascinate me so much, but I can just sit hitting “reload” and see a never-ending pageant of “you’ve GOT to be kidding me…” Bad snapshots, pictures of pets, handwritten and scanned notes, swiped art from all over the net, various “quiz result” images, and the inevitable “you can’t come into our ‘leet club page, it’s by invitation only” pix…

Just a few reactions from a few random reloads…

“That dog SO needs to see a vet”

“Aren’t hobbits like so… um… last year?”

“You’re not REALLY going to swallow that, are you?”

“Attention goth girl—the fake blood on your wrists isn’t convincing us, and even Ricky (the guy you mention in the note pinned to your.. um nevermind…) is going to figure out that you couldn’t have taken this picture after having killed yourself.”

“You’re going to feel better when you sober up, but you’re really gonna regret that picture…”

“That’s gonna leave a stain…”

“It’s -not- cute—take that baby out of that trash can”

“Did you actually PAY for that haircut?”

It’s a laugh a minute, on a dull monday night…


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