AMD “50×15″ Personal Internet Communicators

September 26, 2005

Carl de Cordova has been providing some tech help for the Katrina Relief effort at the Austin Convention Center, and has posted some info on the nifty little AMD 50×15 PICs (“Personal Internet Communicators”) that AMD donated to help get the disaster victims online.

…AMD 50×15 computers we were using for Public Internet Access at the Austin Convention Center Katrina Relief effort for the last three weeks. AMD gave the City of Austin IT department 100 of these cute little boxes. In a future post I will put up some pictures of the inside of these boxes. We used 25 for games, 25 for spanish speakers and 50 for the adults to use to surf, fill out FEMA forms, look for jobs and to look at satellite pictures of their homes in New Orleans

The 50×15 boxes are Windows CE devices “about the size of a tissue box” running on a 366 MHz AMD Geode GX 500 processor using 1 watt of power. They have 128 MB of RAM, a 10GB hard drive, 4 USB ports, a monitor and a keyboard, and run CE with “XP Extender” so that users can run XP-based applications.

They can run on broadband or dial-up, and give access to basic Internet functions including e-mail, web browser and downloads…