Sending for backup

August 8, 2005

With the Barista Aroma on injured reserve, it’s a critical issue to get a backup brewer in here stat — it’s not like I’m going to get much work done this week without coffee…

At least it will give me the opportunity to do a new review or two…

So much for Starbucks

August 7, 2005

Well, I managed to break my Starbucks’ Barista Aroma.

The “pour” button on the thermal carafe (which never went down terribly far anyway, making pouring a relatively slow experience) gave up the ghost; the top of the carafe lid came away from the bottom, and as a result, the button lost all of the spring tension.

Since this also causes the “carafe is in place” button to not stick up properly, the whole thing announced itself early this morning by the coffee maker determining that the carafe was not in place, filling the grounds basket with hot water, and then proceeding to flood the kitchen counter with hot water and coffee grounds…

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Starbucks Barista Aroma Review

March 25, 2005

Starbucks Barista Aroma
I finally sent off my beloved Barista Aroma Quattro 4 cup drip brewer to a good home, and upgraded to the newly revised 8 cup Barista Aroma.

I’m glad I did — and I’m glad I waited.

The previous revision of the Barista Aroma & the Quattro were both very simple coffee makers that made a damn good cup of coffee. Better (in my opinion) than most of the consumer coffee makers I’ve tried, mostly because they brew at an adequate temperature, and seem to do a good job of distributing water over the grounds.

The new revision of the Barista Aroma makes it essentially a smaller version of the 12 cup Aroma Grande, and it has inherited a few new features from the bigger machine, most of them to good effect.
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