DVI/USB KVM Switch Issues

April 2, 2005

Our story thus far… About a year ago, I purchased a Belkin DVI/USB KVM switch.  It worked alright, and a few months later I posted a brief review of it..

(A brief aside—what’s a DVI-USB KVM switch? A KVM switch is a device to switch a single Keyboard, Monitor (the V is for video) and Mouse between multiple computers.  DVI is a standard for digital interfaces to (usually) LCD monitors, a more accurate (hopefully) alternative to analog VGA.  Mice and Keyboards used to use their own interface, but now are often USB based.  So a DVI-USB KVM switch is meant to switch a DVI-based monitor (usually LCD), and a USB keyboard and mouse between multiple computers)

It turns out that I’m about the only one who seems to have had any luck with the Belkin unit.  Since last summer, the post has received nearly a hundred comments discussing the multiple problems people have had with these units, some competing units, and problems with those.

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