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February 26, 2008

Video comments have now been enabled on the site — to leave a video comment, you’ll need a webcam, and a free account from

It’s good clean fun, so let’s see your comments!

National Coffee Ice Cream Day

September 6, 2005

According to Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea, it’s National Coffee Ice Cream Day… Who knew?

They have links to a lot of recipes for making various coffee-enhanced ice creams. I’m sorely tempted to try some of them, except that I’m allergic to dairy — and it doesn’t help that coffee ice cream (especially with some chocolate) is one of my weaknesses…

Anyway, it all looks wonderful (particularly the Coffee Ice Cream Pie) — if you aren’t dairy-challenged, be sure to check it out!

Somebody has to drink the Folgers

May 9, 2005

bread coffee chocolate yoga has a great post on getting involved in an coffee “taste-test” for ABC’s 20/20.

Not surprisingly, it was quickly apparent that this was going to be one of hit-and-run “people pay too much for coffee” pieces.

stossel immediately started in with the slant: he read the prices of the different coffees and encouraged audience reaction at the “high” prices. “US$12 a pound!” he exclaimed. “can you believe it? that’s what the dean & deluca costs!”

i managed not to interject that i would happily pay much more for a beautiful cup of excellence or kona coffee.

So, after the coffee was all (incorrectly) brewed and the “tasting” done, the slant was “grocery store coffee is just as good and a lot cheaper.”

No surprises there… Maybe it’s even a good thing — after all, somebody has to drink the Folgers.

I drank Folgers for years, until I slowly came to understand the difference between good coffee and bad, and wanted coffee I could taste and enjoy.

Today, your average grocery store coffee (and really, most restaurant coffees, etc.) seem tasteless, bitter and thin to me. I still drink them when they’re the only thing around, but they’re subsitance coffees.

Likewise, Starbucks tastes bad to me too, but I’ll still drink that if I end up there with friends, etc.

Any coffee is better than no coffee.

Most people will never hassle with finding good roasts, grinding their own beans, investing in a good brewer, etc. Let them drink what they want to drink, and let it go.

But don’t suggest that good coffee isn’t worth the money. If someone is willing to pay the money for Starbucks, or a bag of Kona, or a high end espresso press, then that means it is worth exactly that much, to them.

Ian Dixon MCE Podcast – Thomas Hawk

May 7, 2005

Ian Dixon has up his new Windows Media Center show podcast (#7), interviewing Thomas Hawk about Media Center, HDTV, and Hawk’s Bloggers dinner with Microsoft ‘s GVP for Platforms.

Check it out

Sonic MyDVD Review

May 6, 2005

TivoBlog has a two-part review up of Sonic’s MyDVD 6.0 with the Tivo plug-in.

After a shakey start, it all seemed to go well…

Other then the hiccups I had with my initial installation, I am extremely happy with MyDVD thus far. The burning/transcoding process took rather long however, this is to be expected considering the fact that I have a somewhat slow computer. Next, I want to try editing a movie so that I can remove commercials.

Check it out…

Part 1Part 2

UNeed X15E HTPC Case Review

May 6, 2005

Home Theater PC News has a great review up of the UNeed X15E case — if you’re looking for the $600 HTPC case from hell, this may be just the ticket.

The main claim to fame is a built-in 7″ 800 x 480 (there’s an odd number) LCD screen that you can use as a second monitor for your HTPC.

This is by no means an average case and can house just about anything you wish to put in it. Even when loaded out with a high end graphics card and every slot full, all while running at low noise levels this case didn’t turn in to a heater for my family room. Heat is one issue that really tends to plague most cases but thanks to the cases ventilation, 80mm exhaust port and light aluminum panels this was not a concern. I can see all high end system builders lining up already to get a hold of these cases and use them in home automation systems, and high end home theater gear.

(via Addicted to Digital Media)

Microsoft in the Living Room

May 6, 2005

There’s an old desert proverb that says “Once the camel has his nose under the tent, the rest of him is certain to follow.” I can’t imagine that Microsoft plans to be any different.

In “Where do you want to go today? Microsoft: In your living room.“, Andre De Costa has a few thoughts on the history of Media Center Edition and Microsoft’s plans for household domination your living room.

(via Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection)

DirecTivo Software Update (Too Little, Too Late)

May 6, 2005

Matt Haughey is reporting that an upgrade to version 6.2 is in the pipe for DirecTivos.

I’m sure no DirecTivo owner will be surprised to hear that this does not include any sign of Home Media Option or pretty much anything else of much value. It’s not even being rolled out for my Hughes unit yet.

So much for DirecTV.

This is the last straw that will send me to Dish and their new dual tuner 942 HD PVR.

I’m sure the user interface on it will suck terribly, but I’m tired of owning a dead-end orphan PVR, and $250 for this is a lot easier to swallow than the price for the HD Tivo.

As for the rest of the house, I’m sure MCE won’t care whether I use basic DirecTV receivers or Dish receivers.

Anybody want a slightly used DirecTivo and a couple of basic DirecTV receivers? Make me an offer.

Neither shaken nor stirred

April 15, 2005

The WSJ is reporting that Two Fifths of Americans have read a political blog.

Still no word on how many fifths would be required to get the rest of us to read the damn things.  (Buy me a handle of Tanquery, we’ll talk…)

Firefox – More Better Popup Blocking

April 5, 2005

I was bitching awhile back about the new wave of “unblocked” pop-ups that have sprang up lately.  It looks like help is on the way, at least if you’re a FireFox user.  According to one of the developer blogs, new pop-up blocking is being tested as we speak—and you can download a test plugin to try it now.

“Give that these pop-ups and pop-unders have really started to spread on the web, we’re testing a quick patch that enables the Firefox pref to block them. I blogged about this earlier this month and included manual steps to disable these nasty pop-ups and pop-unders. In addition to this fix, the good news is that for sites where you need these pop-ups, you can just whitelist them like you do other “wanted” pop-ups. This looks (at this stage) like a reasonable trade off.”

(via Slashdot)

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