Kicking Bloglines to the Curb

November 26, 2005

Gregarius - A Free, Web-Based Feed AggregatorAh Bloglines…

I remember when we were both young (was it only spring of last year?), and I was so fond of you…

You were new, you were fresh — you did things for me that no other feed reader did.

For you, I swore off my favorite local feed reader applications. I learned to appreciate frames and funky javascript all over again.

I sang your praises to my friends — hell, to anyone who’d listen.

Sorry to say, though — I’m done with you.
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Introduction to dynamic pages

February 14, 2005

One of the most powerful features of blogs and other content management systems (CMS) is that they can create pages “on-the-fly” that to all intents and appearances look like a hand-built static web page.  This allows you to focus on developing your content itself, while the software generates the pages for you.
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What would Bertie Wooster say?

February 5, 2005

Apparently AskJeeves is buying Bloglines.

More details to be announced Tuesday, it seems.

I for one welcome our new Wodehouse overlords…

(via Micro Persuasion)

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Why you should read weblogs

January 13, 2005

You’re a busy person, and you already spend all of the time you can afford keeping up with your industry.  Should you bother taking the time to learn about weblogs?  You betcha — the benefits to your business and your bottom line can be immense, and once you do, you’ll wonder what you were waiting for.

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RSS & Traffic

December 23, 2004

Richard MacManus has a great analysis of several recent revelations regarding traffic, RSS, BlogLines and contextual advertising.

“more people are reading Boing Boing via Bloglines than via any other single method (including landing on Boing Boing’s site via Google or indeed all the search engines combined). At least, that’s what I take from Mark’s claim that “Bloglines audience share is 2.7x larger than Google’s in the number of overall impressions.””

The upshot of all of this is that RSS-based traffic is becoming exceedingly valuable, and that as BlogLines adds contextual advertising, it may become a substantial competitor to using Google AdWords or Overture as a source of pay-per-click traffic.

Bloglines Toolkit for Firefox

July 7, 2004

Talk about two great things that go well together… Lately I’ve been beating the drum rather hard for Firefox, and I’ve mentioned previously that I am a big fan of Bloglines.  Now Chad Everett has brought them together with the Bloglines Toolkit for Firefox, a Firefox extension that adds a lot of Bloglines functionality.

In addition to a little Bloglines icon in the lower right corner (which takes you to Bloglines/myblogs – nice, but just another bookmark), if you right click that icon you can enable a context menu which lets you add a subscription in Bloglines for the site you are reading (provided it supports RSS autodiscovery), or view blog pages that have links to the current page.


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