Bodum Antigua Burr Grinder – Review

October 11, 2005

Bodum Antigua Burr GrinderLet me say right up front, that this is not a great grinder. It may not even be a terribly good grinder — what it is is a good grinder for the money.

There is probably no single step that will give you more quality improvement for your money than grinding your own coffee beans. Ground coffee goes stale literally within minutes. If you spend your money on decent beans (or even halfway decent beans) and grind it or have it ground at the store, you’re wasting your money. By the time you get to the second pot, you might as well be drinking coffee out of the can.

Unfortunately, where most people go for their first grinder is to a “blade” grinder — one of the little “whirly-blade” things that doesn’t really grind coffee as much as it chops it up. In the process, it also gets the beans hot, burns them, and destroys some of the character of the taste. Worse, it produces an uneven grind — little pieces and big pieces.

While the coffee from a blade grinder will be light-years ahead of pre-ground coffee, a fairly small step up can get you almost as much further ahead again.
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Bodum Pavina Double-Wall Tumblers

July 9, 2005

Bodum Pavina Double-Wall TumblerSince I was downtown on business the other day, I figured I’d drop in the downtown Apple Store (I usually go to their store in one of the suburban malls.)

An Apple Store is usually an expensive enough experience for me (mysterious minor iPod problem not solved, another bag full of accessories bought *sigh*), but in the height of cruelty, someone decided to put a Bodum store right next to it…

I’m a serious sucker for Bodum’s coffee and tea wares… I love all of it, and have too much of it…
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