monoPrice – cables without the ripoff

November 22, 2005

After bitching about retail cable ripoffs recently, here’s a free, non-affiliate plug for a great source of cables — monoPrice.

Someone mentioned them on AVSForum, and since I needed about 50 feet of TOSLINK optical cable and a couple of various adapters and connectors, I gave them a try.

Their prices are unbelievably low — a 50 foot TOSLINK cable runs $8 and some change. They don’t jack you up on shipping (regular USPS rates), and the products arrived in a timely manner, and were good, quality built parts.

You can’t ask for much better than that. They do video/audio/home theater cabling, as well as PC cabling (USB, Firewire, Cat-5, etc.). They even take Paypal for payment (along with the usual credit cards).

It’s nice to see an honest vendor with a quality product at a great price — I can guarantee I’ll be buying from them again.