Foghorn Leghorn Trivia

September 21, 2005

Foghorn LeghornNow that I’ve outed myself as a fan of classic Warner Bros. cartoons, here are a handful of Foghorn Leghorn goodies for the folks wandering in from Boing Boing…

Even though he’s often overlooked and seldom seen on any of the post-’60’s stuff, Robert McKimson‘s blowhard chicken has remained one of my favorite Warner characters over the years.

The Foghorn Leghorn page at Toonopedia mentions that Foghorn’s first appearance (in Walky Talky Hawkey) managed to get an Oscar nomination.

The majority of Leghorn’s charm (and that of most of the classic Warner characters, for that matter) comes from Mel Blanc’s awesome voice talent. You can find a bunch of Foghorn audio clips here

Last but not least, you can find an exhaustive FAQ with most everything you wanted to know about Foggy at “One Foggy Site”.