T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur) Review

February 2, 2007

T-Mobile Dash - HTC ExcaliburI’ve had a love/hate relationship with PDAs over the years, starting way back with the Newton. The fact is, I’m not organized enough to get much use out of organizer features (other than contacts), but I do love a good e-book reader and a collection of e-books, and when PDAs offering a decent e-book reading experience came around, I tried several.

Eventually, though, I’d get tired of keeping them charged, and carrying them around with all my other crud, and they’d start languishing in a drawer.

When PDAs with wifi came around, the idea of being able to read email and do the occasional online lookup (plus read e-books) got me back into it. After awhile, though, I got tired of poor wifi connectivity (and no connectivity away from it), plus the charging and carrying, etc., and there we are again.

I should note that I tend to bounce back and forth between Palm OS and Windows Mobile (or its name-of-the-day); both have their ups and downs (Palm OS is slow, dated, and multitasks poorly; Windows PDAs tend to have a lack of good aftermarket email programs)

The last time around, I got a Treo 650. Hurray! A PDA and phone made for one less gadget to carry around, and it had data service from the phone carrier.

Unfortunately, the data service was slow, the phone wasn’t a very good phone, the bluetooth implementation stunk (well, it worked like ass with the bluetooth hands-free built into my car anyway), the damn thing was big and bulky, and it had the battery life of a mayfly.
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Verizon – Clueless from the top down

April 18, 2005

It’s not that I want to pick on Verizon as much as I do, it’s that they make it so easy…

Okay, I do want to pick on them.  They made my life miserable for too many years.  But they still make it easy.

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Does this mean we can expense our bar tabs?

January 21, 2004

Technology Trends reports that Polyfuel has commercially released a membrane for creating fuel cells for laptops and cellphones.

Apparently the membrane will allow you to power your mobile device from a “safe-to-transport” mixture of methanol and water, producing water and CO2 as byproducts.

I wonder if this would work for ethanol, also?  I rather like the idea of dropping by the local watering hole, and ordering a gin and tonic, and “another one for my lil’ buddy here”.. 

Gee, if they also had free wi-fi, you could claim you worked so hard you were in the bar until last call…

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We’ll see you on the dark side of the moon…

July 10, 2003

Logging in from the “barely connected” port…

I was thinking the other day that between technology and my workstyle, I’d finally reached a point to where I could work pretty much anywhere but on the dark side of the moon… I mean hey, if I’ve got broadband, I can even have local home dialtone and phone number wherever I am…

After all my mobility planning for this weekend, however, this place still turns out to BE the dark side of the moon.  My cellphone kind of works, but GPRS connectivity is nowhere to be found, nor has any wi-fi turned up… So it’s back to my laptop, and a disposable dialup account, which I paid for a month for to get four days of use out of it…

Such is life…

Since my really portable gadgetry is now unconnected, the revised forcast for the weekend is for very light moblogging, maybe with some pictures up come Monday or Tuesday…

Still a Vonage fan

May 15, 2003

In Bad call, Adam Kelsey points to a discussion on Inlumenent about using Vonage as an alternative to the local telco, and mentions his concerns about the reliability of VOIP services.

I’ve been using Vonage since February.  As they don’t have 911 service yet, and I’ve got a teenager who could be home alone without a cellphone, I’m only using them as a replacement for my previous POTS second line.  Were it not for this issue, I’d replace my first line in a heartbeat.  It’s $10 a month cheaper than my Verizon line, even before considering that US and Canada calls are free.

As someone who worked a fair amount with VOIP a few years ago, I have to say that I’m totally amazed at how good the voice quality is—easily as good as the POTS line it replaced, frankly. 

The only downside I see is (as Adam mentioned) that I’m depending on my broadband provider (formerly AT&T, now Comcast) for service.  Then again, neither Verizon nor GTE before them have been a picnic either—Comcast would have to work to be much worse. 

A point in their favor is that if the connection to the box goes down (tested by my inadvertantly unplugging it in some rewiring a few weeks ago), their network availability backup smoothly routed inbound calls to my cellphone—a feature Verizon has yet to offer me when they have problems.

EZ-Bake Phones Part II

May 1, 2003

Via Gizmodo The Beijing Star Daily reports a woman burned her new mobile phone attempting to sterilize it in a microwave.

I guess if you don’t have baseball players to throw them at, you make do with whatever’s handy…

(I know being worried about SARS is serious, but two reports of nuked phones in the same week?)

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