Make Free Ringtones with Myxer

April 14, 2007

MyxerTones - Ringtones from your musicFor several years, one of the most popular posts here has been a nice, simple 247 step process for making your own ringtones. Download this, convert that, do something else.

There’s a MUCH simpler way — MyxerTones is quick, free, and doesn’t require a degree in obfuscation to use. Got a piece of music you want to make into a ringtone? Upload it, and Myxer will message your phone with a link to download it, in a format that works on your phone. All you pay is the cost of the text message.

Granted, this does require you to have web access on your phone, and in certain cases, it can’t guess the format (it offers you all of the possibilities; AAC worked fine on the N95), but still, this is worlds easier than anything else I’ve ever used.

Give it a shot!
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Nokia N95 First Impressions

April 14, 2007

Nokia N95
Yesterday the FedEx guy showed up with my new Nokia N95, fresh off the plane from Hong Kong. The idea of a well-connected, web-enabled feature-rich phone that also had a decent camera was just too tempting.

I like the idea of shooting pictures and videos, but I seldom leave the house with the intention of doing so; even though I’ve got a nice small digital camera, I hate dragging it around with me on principles, and even when I do want to use it, it’s seldom charged up.

The N95 is a better camera than my little pocket digital, and since I keep my cellphone charged and with me 24×7, I won’t have any excuses not to take a few pictures.

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Windows Mobile 6 Beta for T-Mobile Dash

March 9, 2007

T-Mobile Dash - HTC ExcaliburFor those brave, foolhardy folks who just can’t wait, apparently there is a beta of the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the T-Mobile Dash floating around.

According to the folks at the XDA-Developers Excalibur Forum (the Dash is an HTC Excalibur), there is a lot to like:

  • It’s noticably faster
  • It adds the ability to edit Word and Excel files
  • HTML Mail
  • Windows Live integration
  • Lots of eye candy

There are also the usual Beta compliment of problems — in some applications the number keys don’t automatically change to Text, it apparently broke Blackberry Connect, as well as a few other applications.

You can find more details, as well as a raft of workarounds for the various problems on XDA-Developers.

Me, I think I’ll wait a month or two for the official upgrade to show up…

Does this mean we can expense our bar tabs?

January 21, 2004

Technology Trends reports that Polyfuel has commercially released a membrane for creating fuel cells for laptops and cellphones.

Apparently the membrane will allow you to power your mobile device from a “safe-to-transport” mixture of methanol and water, producing water and CO2 as byproducts.

I wonder if this would work for ethanol, also?  I rather like the idea of dropping by the local watering hole, and ordering a gin and tonic, and “another one for my lil’ buddy here”.. 

Gee, if they also had free wi-fi, you could claim you worked so hard you were in the bar until last call…

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EZ-Bake Phones Part II

May 1, 2003

Via Gizmodo The Beijing Star Daily reports a woman burned her new mobile phone attempting to sterilize it in a microwave.

I guess if you don’t have baseball players to throw them at, you make do with whatever’s handy…

(I know being worried about SARS is serious, but two reports of nuked phones in the same week?)

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