The Chrysler 300C – Gearhead Phase pt. IV

June 7, 2006

I have to admit that I loved the looks of the 300C at first sight. The huge doors and small windows brought back memories of classic chopped street rods, and the stance said “aggressive” all over it.

Up close, the car was even more appealing. The damn thing was HUGE. You really do not realize just how big this car is until you get close to it.

They put the room to good use, too. I not only have trouble being too tall for little roadsters, I even have problems in sedans. When I decided I wanted the Lincoln LS a few years back, I had to do a fair amount of shopping around for a V8 model that didn’t have the sunroof — since I typically end up in the headliner of cars with sunroofs.

Not in this thing.
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