Clean that nasty machine!

October 11, 2005

Coffee Machine CleanerThere’s nothing worse than a funky coffee maker.

Coffee is filled with essential oils. While these are superb in the cup, when they’re left to dry on equipment, they turn into nasty, rancid, bitter oils that can render even the most finely ground, sublime bean into a hidious tasting cup of hot nastiness.

Sure, you wash out your carafe, and all of the other removable pieces, but there are still places lurking in your coffee maker where the crud builds up, and awaits its opportunity to spoil your morning cuppa.

What to do? Clean that nasty machine!
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Microsoft Search – Now Live and Direct

February 1, 2005

Microsoft officially launches their new search engine — how are your results?  Thus far, I’m seeing about 30% more traffic from Microsoft Search than from Google.

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