Get out of Plaxo free – how to delete your Plaxo account

May 15, 2008

Get out of Plaxo free
Buh bye, Plaxo!

I’ve been a little hesitant about Plaxo from the beginning — I’m a little shy about where I share my information (let alone the information of everybody in my address book), but it looked reasonably trustworthy, and — if it caught on — it could be a good way to be sure I kept my address book in sync with everybody’s changing information.

It worked okay for that at first, despite some problems with their OS X sync program (it would occasionally go nuts and eat up a bunch of CPU).

A couple of days ago, however, I started getting “spam” contact requests from Plaxo — unsolicited requests from people I’ve never heard of wanting me to “friend them up” on Plaxo. Ummm. No thanks — this isn’t my Twitter account, it’s my primary contact info.

The last straw was yesterday — Plaxo was acquired by Comcast. The way Comcast has been thumbing its nose lately at “net neutrality”, the last thing I wanted to do was give them an invitation to do a “deep packet inspection” on the details of everybody in my address book.

The problem, as usual, was finding a link to actually delete my record. Fortunately Twitter came through again, and provided this link, complements of @leolaporte. Thanks Leo!

If you click that link, you’ll be taken to a page to permanently delete your Plaxo account — today anyway. There’s every possibility this address will change, so if you’re looking at this a month from now, there’s no guarantees.

In the meantime, however, if you are looking for a way to get out of Plaxo, here’s your chance.

Comcast DVR Comcastrophe

November 14, 2005

Over at “KGB Report”, Kevin Barkes details his woes with a brand new Comcast DVR…

What a Comcastrophe.

It took three visits from the installer and two different DVRs to get the service working right- well, not right, but at a level which did not invoke rage when attempting to watch anything.

Ah, where to begin? The digital cable box/digital video recorder itself: a hideous, silver, retro-styled device manufactured by Motorola which throws out more heat than a toaster oven and sports a hard drive that sounds like a fully loaded, out-of-control freight train going downhill through a tunnel.

It goes downhill from there…
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FiOS Fiber & Comcast

October 27, 2005

Things are actually looking promising for my FiOS install scheduled for tomorrow; a tech is out in the yard at the moment running the fiber from the hub in the alley to the service entrance of the house.

I have to admit that I got a kick out of Comcast in this whole deal — since my Comcast (internet, no TV service) coax is buried in the same path, they were required to come out last week and mark where their cable is buried so that Verizon doesn’t cut it when they bury the fiber.

Just before they did this, a Comcast salesman came to the door “just to let me know they’d be working in the yard” — this took 25 seconds, and then he launched into a full-tilt pitch trying to get me to sign up for Cable TV service. Of course, it was just a coincidence that he had all of the material with him for their offers and “deals”.

I suspect that with the FiOS TV launch now imminent, this is standard operating procedure every time they come out to mark off for a FiOS install. Verizon has not sent out any promo materials on TV yet, since they just got regulatory approval a couple of days ago, and so new FiOS Internet customers may well not know what’s coming.

Since people who are already on-net with FiOS are the obvious first target to pitch FiOS TV to (all they have to do is hook up set-top boxes at that point), it is very definitely in Comcast’s interest to lock up as many of these people as possible with a cable TV commitment beforehand….