Michael Ruhlman on the value of cooking

March 4, 2010

Nobody ever accused Ruhlman of not being passionate about cooking, but honestly people, if you don’t cook, you may be personally responsible for the end of civilization as we know it…

Also be sure to catch his blog post about this video here.

Cooking with a Fat Guy

February 24, 2010

Chuck Lawson
I’ve been fat all of my life. Okay, sometimes less fat than others, but I was a fat kid, I was a fat teenager, and I’m a fat adult. Fine — I live with it, it’s life as I know it. For the most part, I’ve always kept it at a level that I’m more or less comfortable with, but as I get older, that’s gotten a bit more difficult.

Lately, I’ve been carrying around more bulk than I’m comfortable with, and it’s time to make a few changes. I’ve never eaten a lot, and while I don’t get a vast amount of exercise, I’m not getting any less than I usually do, so (as is typical for me) it was time to do a little investigation as to what’s going wrong.
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Little Gordon

September 6, 2008

It’d never work — he’s small enough that even a vegan could beat him up…