Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu Dota

May 30, 2005

I’ve long been a fan of Columbian as my “staple” coffee. I like a lot of different coffees for variety, but to me, Columbian has always been the most “coffee” tasting coffee.

Roasted up in the Full City range or a little further, to me it has a fruitiness, and a sweetness that other coffees seldom achieve. When first brewed, there are notes of bitter chocolate and nuts, decending to a winey body as it cools.

This week, I acquired some Costa Rican SHB (“Strictly Hard Bean”) Tarrazu Dota green beans. This is a fairly high altitude (about 3300 feet) coffee from the Dota of Costa Rica’s Tarrazu region.

Coffees vary not only by region, but by year. I was really looking forward to these beans, as the cupping notes suggested that these beans managed to “out-Columbian Columbian” — to paraphrase the cupper, “If Juan Valdez tried this, he might have started promoting Costa Rica coffee”.

I have to admit, it didn’t disappoint.

Everything I like about a good, fresh-roasted Columbian is here in the cup, only moreso…

It’s magic — I’m glad I made the leap of faith and bought 20 pounds of this as green beans — I’m going to miss it lots when it’s gone…