Windows MCE 2005 and Dish Pro 311

May 22, 2005

As mentioned earlier, there are a few issues regarding using MCE 2005 and Dish Network receivers.

Having run through all of that, I had the privilege of adding a DishPro 311 (actually two of them) to my MCE 2005 installation this weekend.

Here are some notes on how to make the process fairly painless.
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Windows MCE 2005 and Dish Network

May 22, 2005

Here are some quick notes about using Windows MCE 2005 with Dish Network satelite receivers.

In general, MCE can work with Dish as well as any other signal source. Guide data is available for Dish, usually both localized (if you’re in a city with satellite locals) and USA (if you’re not).

Perusing notes around the ‘net, MCE and Dish users have noticed a few issues, although none insurmountable.

Here’s the run-down:
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