Setting up local DNS (BIND) on OS X Tiger

November 27, 2006

Slow DNS servers are one of the banes of my existence. If the DNS server your ISP hands you is slow, then everything is slow — web pages that should come up in a fraction of a second take minutes to load as every little item and doo-dad on them that comes from different domains (ads, google-analytics, flickr pics, etc.) takes its own sweet time to look up.

Normally I don’t put up with it, and I usually have some box or another on my local network running a DNS server to make things come up quick and crispy.

Unfortunately, the other day I ended up re-purposing the current DNS box to do other things, which I immediately regretted once I sat back down at my MacBook Pro.

Around then the clue fairy happened to drop by and remind me that OS X is Unix, and it should be trivial to get a nameserver running on it.

Well, it turned out to be less than trivial, but not by a great degree.
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…napalm in the morning

June 15, 2004

It’s another wonderful day on the ‘net!

Unless, of course, your DNS is at Akamai or your blog is at

But hey, at least your phone doesn’t have a virus


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ActiveSync Primal Scream

July 8, 2003

One of the areas where Palm OS has Windows CE Pocket PC Windows Mobile beat hands down is on synchronization. 

Hotsync just works on Palm OS—in the cradle, on a wireless connection, over a pair of tin cans and a string if necessary. 

At least for me.

I have been fighting with (Windows Mobile) ActiveSync 3.7 for 10 days.  It works fine in the cradle (an improvement from previous versions), but connecting wirelessly, it expects to be able to resolve a name via WINS. 

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