Doctor Who coming to US after all

January 12, 2006

Well, it looks like there’s a little Doctor Who love for American viewers after all.
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Doctor Who 2005 in the US?

December 31, 2005

Doctor Who’tis the season — for not much worth watching on TV. From Thanksgiving until the first few weeks of January, there just isn’t much on TV. Reruns, reruns of reruns, recycled old holiday programs and end of the year retrospectives.

If TV is a vast wasteland, the holiday season is ground zero.

Me? Well, lately I’ve been watching the return of an old favorite – Doctor Who.

Doctor Who, the venerable BBC sci-fi potboiler originally ran for 26 seasons, from 1963 through 1989. I spent a few years in the 80’s watching Tom Baker’s run as The Doctor, late nights and weekends on PBS.

This year, the BBC dusted off the old series, updated it, and started a whole new run.

You know what? It’s brilliant.
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