DVI/USB KVM Switch Issues

April 2, 2005

Our story thus far… About a year ago, I purchased a Belkin DVI/USB KVM switch.  It worked alright, and a few months later I posted a brief review of it..

(A brief aside—what’s a DVI-USB KVM switch? A KVM switch is a device to switch a single Keyboard, Monitor (the V is for video) and Mouse between multiple computers.  DVI is a standard for digital interfaces to (usually) LCD monitors, a more accurate (hopefully) alternative to analog VGA.  Mice and Keyboards used to use their own interface, but now are often USB based.  So a DVI-USB KVM switch is meant to switch a DVI-based monitor (usually LCD), and a USB keyboard and mouse between multiple computers)

It turns out that I’m about the only one who seems to have had any luck with the Belkin unit.  Since last summer, the post has received nearly a hundred comments discussing the multiple problems people have had with these units, some competing units, and problems with those.

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Belkin OmniView SOHO DVI/USB KVM Switch Review

June 15, 2004

Belkin OmniView SOHO DVI/USB KVM 2 Port SwitchWell, there’s a mouthful of acronyms for you.  For those unfamiliar, a KVM switch is a device to switch a Keyboard, Video monitor, and Mouse between several computers.  DVI in this case stands for “Digital Visual Interface”, a standard for connecting computers to (mostly) LCD monitors, and of course USB is Universal Serial Bus and SOHO stands for “Small Office – Home Office”.

Regular readers may recall that a short time back I ended up replacing a dying old Viewsonic 19” CRT with the excellent Princeton VL1916 19” LCD monitor.  Well, of course one thing leads to another, and I decided that it’d be convenient to be able to use this with both my desktop and my PowerBook.

I’ve used KVM switches in the past, but those were the dark days of the technology—not-too-bright mainly mechanical switches, usually with a lot of quality loss on the VGA signal. They were annoying, but handy under certain circumstances.

Times have changed…

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