Gaggia Syncrony Compact Super-Automatic Espresso Maker Review

August 21, 2005

Gaggia Syncrony CompactAlong with all of the thrashing about the last week or two getting a working coffee maker and backup into place, I also went nuts and bought a super automatic espresso machine.

If you’re not up on espresso maker terminology, a “Super Automatic” is a machine delivers a shot of espresso (or a double, or an americano (espresso+hot water — coffee, more or less)) at the touch of a button. It grinds the beans, makes the shot, dumps the grinds, etc. Of course, it also comes with a steam wand for frothing the milk.

In the online world of coffee snobbery (such as CoffeeGeek, one of my favorite coffee-related sites), there is a special place in home barista hell for those who buy super automatics.
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