The Long Tail at PC Forum

March 24, 2005

Speaking of nostalgia, back in those same days I used to devour each issue of Esther Dysan’s “Release 1.0” looking for indicators as to which way things were heading.  Somehow, Esther doesn’t seem to have made it across the bridge into the world of daily updates, but at least her PC Forum is still out there and going. Apparently the hot topic at this years event was “The Long Tail”.

Dan Farber waxes on about this in “PC Forum buzzword alert.”

“Practically every presenter at PC Forum injected references to the longtail, and how their product, service or economic philosophy is affected and amplified by the expanding universe of bits, data, content and other matter. Brian Dear’s event database and Flickr’s photo sharing service harness the longtail; vertical search engines are resurrecting the longtail of dark matter; and open source capitalizes the longtail of software developers outside of the establishment head of the tail.”

Hopefully this is a sign that it’s more than just buzzword contagin, and people are actually starting to get it.  Moving forward, this is going to be an increasingly important concept, and a reason to make a whole lot of stuff visibile online that’s currently hidden behind registration systems or mouldering in an offline database somewhere…