Relative Suckage

January 8, 2009

I’m not saying that things don’t suck, but looking at the numbers, with 11/2008 unemployment at 6.7% (far from the worst in recent memory) and 11/2008 consumer confidence at 38% (the lowest in history), I can’t help but feel that part of the reason is the current 24/7 “news” culture.

The one thing you need to have (or maintain) a recession is for everybody to agree that there’s lots more recession (or depression) to come.

When we live in a world where every minute of real news is accompanied by 59 minutes of “news-like filler” — analysts and pundits gauging the depth of relative suckitude, comparing the suck to previous sucks, engaging graphics showing suckage percentage since the dawn of time, etc., it’s no wonder that the overwhelming take away is “FEAR the future. FEAR IT!”

Look, we get it — things are bad, mistakes were made, and there are still a lot of rocks to turn over to see what scurries out. But once you’ve exhausted all of the actual new things to say on the topic, find something else to talk about until you have more.

Maybe some real depth on a few stories, instead of just scare-mongering soundbite after soundbite.