Travel French Press

March 31, 2005

Desktop French Press
Now this is pretty cool.

A french press that’s also a mug, and not done up in travel-unfriendly glass. You toss in your leaves or (ground) beans, add a little hot water, push the plunger and slurp directly out of the press (or pour it into cups if you’re sharing with strangers or the squeemish).

I need to have one of these in my travel kit for hotel rooms and trips off to rural america (where the 3 new starbucks a day haven’t caught up with them yet). Some sort of travel-sized hot pot, a few select grinds, and this would be just the ticket.

(I wonder if they’d like to send a unit to review 🙂

This might even be just the ticket for some of our more camping-happy friends….

(via Vancouver Coffee)