Alabama 3 – Intervention (The Futech Mixes) – Review

February 24, 2007

Alabama 3 (A3) Intervention - The Futech MixesOkay, anybody who knows my taste in music (or lack thereof) knows that I tend to collect remixes of Alabama 3 music like a dark shirt collects cat hair.

Naturally, the quality of these mixes tend to vary from “Hey, that’s pretty good!” to “Just how loaded were they?”, but some of the consistently best remixes have come from a denizen of the Unofficial Alabama 3 Forum named Futech.

While most of us A3 fans are anxiously awaiting the new studio album, due out someday fairly soon with any luck, Futech has put together 8 of his best remixes into an album, which he’s titled “Intervention”. He’s even done up cover art.

While this is far from official (and far from authorized, probably), there is some outstanding stuff here.

You can find it all right here, as either individual tracks or a whole album download. All in sweet pretty DRM-free MP3s.