What’s your site’s flavor?

February 11, 2005

When discussing search engine rankings, we talk a lot about links “relevant” to your site’s topic, and linking to authority sites

But what does Google think your site is about?

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Microsoft Search – Now Live and Direct

February 1, 2005

Microsoft officially launches their new search engine — how are your results?  Thus far, I’m seeing about 30% more traffic from Microsoft Search than from Google.

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www and your domain name

January 21, 2005

It’s common knowledge that your site should come up for users both with and without the “www” on your domain name. Unfortunately, the way this is usually done may cause search engines to penalize you.

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PageRank Simplified – What you need to know

January 20, 2005

If you get anywhere near search engine optimization discussions, you’ll hear the term PageRank.  There is both a lot of math and a lot of supposition regarding PageRank, but really only a few concepts that you need to know.
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Google, “nofollow” and Comment Spam

January 19, 2005

The ‘net is all a-buzz with word of a new initiative by the Google, MSN and Yahoo search teams to “eliminate” comment spam from blogs.  What does this mean to you?

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Are you choosing keywords properly?

January 17, 2005

One of the easiest ways to get the search results you want is to keep your keywords in mind when you’re writing content for your small business web site.  How do you know for certain that you’re selecting the right keywords?

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Business Blogging Article Roundup

January 15, 2005

There are a lot of people busily writing away this week on how to successfully build and promote business blogs.  Here are a handful of good tips regarding finding your voice as a business blogger, and some anecdotes regarding search engine success.

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Google Search Ranking Algorithm

December 23, 2004

A great breakdown of how (in theory) the Google Search Ranking Algorithm works — how the relationship between pages causes a page (or the pages it links to) to rank higher in Google’s results.

RSS & Traffic

December 23, 2004

Richard MacManus has a great analysis of several recent revelations regarding traffic, RSS, BlogLines and contextual advertising.

“more people are reading Boing Boing via Bloglines than via any other single method (including landing on Boing Boing’s site via Google or indeed all the search engines combined). At least, that’s what I take from Mark’s claim that “Bloglines audience share is 2.7x larger than Google’s in the number of overall impressions.””

The upshot of all of this is that RSS-based traffic is becoming exceedingly valuable, and that as BlogLines adds contextual advertising, it may become a substantial competitor to using Google AdWords or Overture as a source of pay-per-click traffic.

Site Promotion Intensive

November 1, 2004

Site Promotion IntensiveAre you trying to figure out how to get the right visitors to your small business web site? Do you want to accelerate your traffic to the next level? Then this course is for you! This intensive teleclass series will provide you with a solid understanding of the essentials, including the following topics:

  • The upsides and dangers of search engine optimizations.
  • How to understand and improve your Page Rank
  • When link exchange is good, and when it’s harmful.
  • How to pay for traffic profitably
  • How to leverage emerging technology to improve traffic

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