Zeroes (Heroes Spoof)

March 10, 2007

NBC turning out to be the responsible party doesn’t make this any less entertaining…

On the other hand, it does give a mild bit of hope that there is a fraction of a clue still living in the creaking old broadcast TV network dinosaurs…

Heroes – Company Man (Review)

February 27, 2007

Heroes (NBC)I hope the writers’ room at Lost watched this episode, since it was a great example of doing all of the things that make Lost so annoying, without being so annoying.

They had a suspenseful moment — and they didn’t cut away to another storyline for a week or two. They did do the flashback thing, but the flashbacks were actually enlightening, on-point to the present-day action, and filled us in on details that had a little more relevance than Jack’s tattoos.

Yet there was no shortage of mysterious and amazing stuff going on.

How about that.
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Coffees of India

April 2, 2004

India produces two fine coffees, but even among coffee devotees √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú at least in America √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú they remain relatively unknown and un-drunk. That’s too bad. They deserve to be extolled for the romance attached to them, if nothing else; happily, they also taste pretty good as well.

According to legend, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia. The first big coffee craze, though, occurred in Arabia, where by the 13th century Muslims were brewing and drinking huge quantities of it. Travelers from Arabia took the beans with them wherever they went – beans deliberately made infertile, allegedly, by parching or boiling. Because of this strict export control policy, it is claimed that no coffee seed sprouted outside Africa or Arabia until the 17th century.
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