Stanley Kubrick and the Dark Side of the Moon

February 3, 2007

This is amazingly well done…

It would have been even better if they hadn’t decided to take things over the top in the aftermath scenes, but even so it’s still a whole lot of fun.

I dug around a bit but couldn’t find any backstory or “making of” information online (at least not in English) — I’m really curious as to whether all of the footage with Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Haig, etc., was purpose-filmed, or taken from a different interview and repurposed into this film.

I thought the use of the fictitious campaign song from “Wag the Dog” was a particularly nice touch…

Paris Hilton Hijack Hoax?

February 21, 2005

Well, now that didn’t take long—despite all the protests of authenticity surrounding the “Paris Hilton Sidekick Hijack” (SFW link to The Register’s coverage—you’ll have to find the pix yourself), I’m already starting to see spam from porn sites that claim to have bought the rights last week to the “lesbian photoshoot” (from 3 years ago) that a few of the grainy “hacked camphone shots” seem to cover.

Yeah, this smells about as honest as the sex tapes release did.

Aren’t this skank’s 15 minutes up yet?

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