Jott (mini Review)

April 3, 2007

JottI know that Jott has been around awhile, but I’ve only just started messing with it — and now I’m a believer.

The concept is elegantly simple — you call Jott (typically from your mobile), tell it who you want to leave a message for (in my case, usually “me”), and speak a short message. A minute or two later, the message (transcribed) shows up as text in your email.

This is a great application for the terminally disorganized (again, usually “me”) — tie it to a speed dial number on your mobile phone, and when something occurs to you that you need to deal with later, press the button, and leave your message. When you get back to your computer, there it is, ready to be dealt with or dropped into the task management system of your choice.

If this kind of thing keeps up, I could start running out of excuses for not getting stuff done.

You can also add your own contact list (I now have too many web apps with contact lists — I need some way for them all to be synced automatically), and send Jotts to other people or groups.

The transcription is very good, and in fact, appears to be manual. There are a lot of assurances on the site about the privacy of your messages, but if you want, you can ask to leave your jotts untranscribed, and do them yourself.

All in all, another great “voice 2.0” application. My only concern is whether they’ll start charging for the basic service once it’s out of (open) beta, and if so, how much.


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