Updated Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse Drivers 6.1 for OS X

March 5, 2007

In the process of mucking about with all of my HID (“human interface device”) drivers the other day, I managed to mess up my keyboard mapping (I use a Microsoft keyboard) so that occasionally it would get in the mode where the “Alt” key to the right of the spacebar was mapped as the Command key, and not the one on the left side.


(Yes, I know Mac keyboards should only have one of these keys, and it should be labeled with the little “Command Key” symbol. Unfortunately, I still have to use Windows with this keyboard occasionally, Microsoft makes better keyboards, and feel free to burn me in effigy as a heretic.)

So, I do a little digging around, and it turns out that Microsoft released version 6.1 of their “IntelliType” and “IntelliPoint” (read “keyboard” and “mouse” drivers, respectively) drivers on 11/30/2006.

Who knew?
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MCE Keyboard Review

September 2, 2005

Windows MCE KeyboardThey’re still a bit tough to find, but I finally got my hands on one of the new MCE Keyboards — for some reason, Best Buy seems to be about the only folks carrying them so far.

To digress a bit, the main reason why I’ve been quiet on the MCE front for the last month or so is that the drivers for the new keyboard that rolled out on Windows Update about six weeks ago essentially broke the hell out of my MCE system. When they installed, my other IR keyboard (a venerable AirBoard) ceased to function. This made it quite difficult to deal with a driver issue I had on the box, and with the combination of those problems, plus a lack of anything worth watching the last month or so, I just shut the damn thing off until I either had time to get it out of the cabinet and hang a real keyboard on it, or got one of the new MCE Keyboards.

Guess which came first?
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More MCE Keyboard Info

July 12, 2005

Windows MCE KeyboardMore info on the new MCE Keyboard, from Chris Lanier.

Additional highlights include “spill-resistant” keyboard (hey, that means it’s livingroom friendly!), a “key lock” feature to keep buttons from being inadvertantly pushed, TV Power and Volume Control, and a 30 foot range.

Available in September.

Chris links Microsoft’s consumer page, Google’s cache of an OEM info page, and a Flash demo.

No official word anywhere of it using the same remote receiver, but apparently a new update for the existing remote receiver includes support for the new keyboard, so I suspect that means it all works together.

I’m looking forward to this one.

Microsoft Remote Keyboard for MCE

July 12, 2005

Windows MCE KeyboardEngadget has a preview of a new Microsoft Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition.

Infrared, touchpoint mouse, backlit buttons and the requisite little green MCE button, for “under $100”.

If this will work with the same remote receiver as the MCE Remote, I can finally retire my trusty old “Airboard” and its receiver, and clean up my installation a bit.

Wash That Nasty Keyboard

May 31, 2005

If you’ve spilled something nasty in your keyboard, or if it’s got so much grime on it that it’s growing potatoes between the function keys, you might try giving it a spin through the dishwasher.

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Safari Shortcuts

August 4, 2004

Something for everyone today, I guess… If you’re still using Safari I don’t know why, here’s a fairly comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts.

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OS X Cheat Sheets

July 26, 2004

SS64 has a fairly comprehensive list of OS X Keyboard Shortcuts, as well as this great A-Z index for the OS X Command Line.

Other nifty command guides for Oracle, Windows NT, and Bash can be found here.

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