Bitter Coffee? Adjust your grind!

July 25, 2008

Kitchenaid Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder
I’ve written previously about the importance of using the proper amount of coffee (hint – most instructions you see tell you to use too little), the proper temperature and the proper grind to avoid a bitter (or sour or burnt-tasting) cup of coffee. But where do you go when you’re doing it right and it still isn’t good?

The other day I was in Starbucks, and decided to take home a pound of their Pike Place Roast — one of the few brewed coffees from Starbucks that I’ve ever liked. I’d had it brewed in the store many times and enjoyed it, but this time I was out of beans at home and wasn’t in the mood to roast, so I figured I’d try some at home.

To my surprise, my first pot with Pike Place had a very unpleasant bitter, almost metallic note to it. I’d never experienced this in the store, so I knew this wasn’t right.
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Kitchenaid Pro Line Burr Grinder Review

September 5, 2005

Kitchenaid Pro Line Burr GrinderThe Kitchenaid Pro Line Burr Grinder has been causing a bit of a stir on some of the serious coffee sites. The reason is that many people are beginning to feel that this is finally a consumer-oriented machine that seriously competes with some of the more expensive “pro” grinders such as the Rancillio Rocky or the Mazzer Mini. Since those machines go in the $300 – $600 range, an under $200 competitor is understandably quite a surprise.

On first impressions, the Kitchenaid Pro Line is beyond a doubt a Kitchenaid appliance — it will look right at home on your counter next to a Kitchenaid stand mixer. It has the same styling queues, the same rock-solid metal build, and the same excellent finish. This is a piece of gear that belongs in the kitchen, not a refugee from a coffee-shop somewhere.
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