Proporta Laptop Sleeve Review

March 18, 2008

Proporta Laptop Sleeve
It seems like I’m always looking around for a better laptop sleeve. I’ve been rocking a Brenthaven Eclipse II sleeve for my 15″ Macbook Pro for awhile, and it’s a great sleeve, but for day-to-day stuff, I’d prefer something a bit more lightweight and “portfolio-like”.

Enter the new Proporta sleeve.
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Cooler MacBooks Prevail

April 13, 2007

Similar to my experience a couple of years ago, I shipped the MacBook Pro off to AppleCare on Tuesday evening, and on Thursday morning, it was back. About what I expected would happen, unless I was counting on it, in which case it would take every bit of the quoted ten days.

So, I prepared for the worst, and hoped for the best.

The repair documentation sticks to the story; they replaced the logic board, and “other parts as required”, which I’ve pretty much got to believe includes fans — it may not have been the entire problem, but a logic board failure doesn’t seem likely to sound like a fan on its last legs.


At least it’s fixed — and running much cooler. By about 50°F, in fact. The fans are now reporting an RPM above 0, as well.

Interestingly, the MacBook I borrowed (2GHz Core 2 Duo) ran about 20° hotter than the MacBook Pro does now. On reflection, that doesn’t surprise me overly, since the aluminum case on the Pro is a terrific conductor of heat.

The MacBook was nice — one of those snappy looking black ones — but even with 20 gig more hard drive and 802.11n, I’m still happier to have my MacBook Pro back.

Fix Intel Mac Speaker Volume at Boot-up

March 1, 2007

This has been a pet peeve of mine for awhile.

Most of the time, my MacBook Pro sits on a shelf next to my desk, hooked up to an external keyboard, display, mouse and speakers (attached to the headphone jack).

I’ve got a reasonably good audio system, and I prefer to keep my system volume all the way up, and just use the volume control on my speakers to adjust the overall volume.

The only problem is that when you boot a MacBook Pro (and searching around, apparently any of the Intel Macs) with the headphone jack connected, it automatically lowers the volume to half, regardless of what it was previously set to.

Doubtless this is to keep people from injuring themselves from loud noises through headphones, but it’s annoying to have to remember to turn it up on those few occasions that I actually end up rebooting my Mac.
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Waiting for the other MacShoe to drop

January 12, 2006

I’m not convinced the “Macbook Pro” is really what we’re being led to think it is…

I’ve been living on a Powerbook for the last couple of years, and let me tell you, I’ve got serious lust for the idea of a replacement that runs 5 times faster.

But I’m going to try to hold off…
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